Eleos Music’s Conservatory Program is primarily designed around THE PORTFOLIO. For those that wish to build the skills necessary to thrive in the professional field of music, supplement their degree programs, or base their education entirely on a body of work, the conservatory program is designed to give the growing musician a portfolio of works and accomplishments that prove their competence, professionalism, and competitive value.

Performance Track

Though music is a broad field, with most professionals blending performance with composition, directing, music production, and teaching, the core of each musician lies in their craft developed on their primary instrument.

Conservatory students build extensive repertoire lists, being well-rounded in music from all historic periods, and select areas of expertise such as concerto performance, recital repertoire, virtuosic works, period music, chamber music, or orchestral music.

Conservatory students build their portfolio by frequently performing, recording, and filming their performances and compositions, with access to our state-of-the-art recording and filming facilities and equipment.

Professional Experience

Conservatory students are guided by experienced faculty members to build their Curriculum Vitae and Resumes through competition on regional and international scale, festival experience, orchestral and recital engagements, and teaching positions.

Academic Structure

Students are selected by interview and audition into the conservatory track, displaying exceptional work ethic, organizational skills, instrumental ability, and a developed command of musicianship. Students may be selected into the conservatory track as early as the Foundations Course stages, and continue through the Mastery Course, often into their early adult years as apprentices.

Artists and Alumni