The Musician’s Threshold

We strive to guide students past the “musicians threshold,” a level of fluency with the instrument and the language of music wherein the student is able to enjoy playing any type or style of music without difficulty, akin to being able to speak a new language without translating to a native language. Many of our students pass this musicians threshold in their high school years. They continue to play music in orchestras at college and beyond, compose music as a means of expression, and collaborate with contemporary musicians. Our students who develop a career mindset for music cross this threshold earlier, and are mentored by our faculty in work/life/art balance, cultivating their specialization as artists and learn to navigate the musical career field.

The Eleos Curriculum

Eleos students are guided by our proprietary original curriculum which blends the strengths of the European, American, and Suzuki schools of music. Our curriculum balances technical training, a thorough understanding of the language of music, an understanding of the context of music history, and a love for the craft. Our four courses give students a framework to excel in their craft:

The Introductions (beginner) Course takes a student from the simplest melodies to a 2-4 page sonata or concerto. The Foundations (intermediate) Course takes students through the developmental repertoire and technique required to handle major works of music. The Proficiency (advanced) Course surveys concert literature and teaches students to develop an audition or competition program with which they can succeed in the music field. Finally, the Mastery (artist) Course pair musicians with apprenticeships, mentorships, and career projects to develop them as artists in the professional world.