Eleos is proud to present our curated concert selections for the 2023-24 academic year. Be inspired by some of the most magnificent music ever written, performed by young and inspiring musicians. These concert experiences are a critical part of growth as a student of music.

Look over our concert dates and selections below for our recommendations by grade. Reservations should only be made by classroom teachers.

Recommendations By Grade

Grades 1-5
June 2nd – Conejo Valley Youth Orchestra Spring Gala – A Journey Through The Symphony

Grades 3-5
March 3rd – CVYO Virtuosi – Dialogues Sacred Works by Mozart

Grades 6-12
October 29th – California Young Artists Symphony performs Messiaen and Bruckner

Grades 9-12 *Exclusive Event
February 24th – California Young Artists Symphony performs Rite of Spring

Concerts and Descriptions

For younger students and those new to music:

June 2nd 2024 at 3 PM – Kavli Theater, Thousand Oaks
Symphonic Masterworks – Conejo Valley Youth Orchestras (Recommended Grades: 1-6)
A unique concert experience with performances of symphonic masterworks performed by a progression of orchestras from elementary to pre-college ages and levels. See the journey of the young musician from the earlies stages to pre-college mastery. 
Adults and Students: $5

For more mature students and experienced artists:

October 29th 2023 at 6 PM – Kavli Theater, Thousand Oaks
California Young Artist’s Symphony – Bruckner and Messiaen (Recommended Grades: 8-12)
An unforgettable concert conducted by the concertmaster of the NY Met Opera. See the most distinguished young artists in the entire region of Southern California perform massive symphonic works by Bruckner and Messiaen.
Adults: $5
Students: $4

February 24th 2024 at 7 PM – Ambassador Auditorium, Thousand Oaks 
California Young Artist’s Symphony – Mozart and Stravinsky (Recommended Grades: 8-12) 
An entire day built around the artistic experience. Afternoon excursions to the renowned Norton Simon museum, dinner in Old Town Pasadena, and a once-in-a-decade chance to see Rite of Spring performed live.
Adults: $8
Students: $5

For students in between grade school and high school:

March 3rd 2024 at 7 PM – Padre Serra Camarillo
Dialogues Sacred Works – CVYO Virtuosi (Recommended Grades: 4-9)
Sacred choral and orchestral works in a beautiful cathedral setting.

May 5th 2024 at 6 PM – Godspeak Newbury Park
Dialogues Chamber Symphony – CVYO Virtuosi (Recommended Grades: 4-9)
A vibrant symphonic concert performed conductorless.