Classical Young Artists Program – Fundamentals

CYAP Fundamentals is a class for all Beacon Hill students carefully designed to train fundamental fluency in the language of music through pitch and rhythm, fundamental vocal technique, and preliminary study of great classical works.

CYAP Fundamentals meets Thursday from 8:40 AM to 9:10 AM in chapel.

Classical Young Artists Program – String Orchestra

Enrollment is open for the 2023-24 academic year!
Class Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 10 AM
At-Home Practice Assignments Mondays and Wednesdays

Eleos Music is proud to present our partnership with Beacon Hill Classical Academy. The Classical Young Artists Program is designed to equip students with the technical, personal, and expressive skills needed to succeed in music as a craft that will enrich the lives of every student and family that undertakes the journey.

To apply for the program, please fill out the application in the link below. Students can enroll as experienced Cameratra Orchestra members, or beginner Strings Technique members. Enrolled students can view and download class material.

Important Dates

9/12/23 – Orientation and First Class Fall Semester
Beacon Hill Christmas Concert Date – December 2nd 2023
12/7/23 – Final Semester Class – Winter Recital and Cello Instrumental Graduation (During Class)
1/23/24 – Orientation and First Class Spring Semester
3/3/24 – Class Excursion – Dialogues Sacred Works Concert
Beacon Hill Spring Music Chapel Date – May 16th 2023
5/23/24 – Final Semester Class – Spring Recital and Violin Instrumental Graduation
5/26/24 – CYAP Year-End Pizza Party Hosted By The Tseitlins (1-4 PM)
6/2/24 – Class Excursion – CVYO Spring Gala “Symphonic Masterworks”

Classical String Technique – Cello Fall Semester, Violin Spring Semester

For new musicians. This class is the first step in a lifelong rewarding journey of music and art. Students receive in-person classes twice a week and two tracked practice sessions at home. Instructors and assistants help each student learn the fundamentals of their string instrument, learn efficient practice techniques, and introduce students to playing together in ensemble. At the end of the semester, students perform in a class recital and graduate to the Camerata Ensemble.

Camerata Ensemble – Full String Orchestra (Ongoing)

For Instrumental Technique graduates and students with string experience. Students rehearse twice per week in a full orchestra including violins, violas, and cellos. Students study complex polyphonic music, develop the ability to follow a conductor, and work as a team all while they learn the nuances of expression, intonation, and articulation. Pieces start as simple 4-part orchestrations and finish with standard repertoire.

Tuition Fees

Our program is designed to be very budget friendly for families that are just beginning their musical journey.

Classical String Technique – $440 Per Semester
Camerata Ensemble – $400 Per Semester

CVYO Members enjoy a 50% tuition discount.

Monthly Instrument Rental

BHCYAP has a partnership with Penrose Music in Camarillo. Penrose is an excellent choice for beginner musicians and can help you find the right size instrument, has an excellent rent-to-buy program where your rental payments go towards a future purchase, and allows you to trade-up your instrument if you outgrow your current size.

Violin ($19.50 to $25.50) Per Month
Cello ($42.50 to $52.50) Per Month

As a gift to our BHCYAP students, Eleos will provide a music stand for practice, shoulder rest or rock stop, music tote bag, folder, and sheet music free of charge.


Classical Strings Technique – Tuesday and Thursdays at 9-10 AM Class On Campus – Monday and Wednesday Guided Home Practice

Camerata Ensemble – Tuesday and Thursdays at 9-10 AM Class On Campus – Monday and Wednesday Guided Home Practice.

Fall Semester: September – December
Spring Semester: February-May

*Students that are enrolled in private lessons are only required to practice orchestra repertoire 1 day per week (Mondays).