Eleos Students Win CVYO Principal Positions

Bravo to Eleos Students Mia Eddy (Symphony Co-Concertmaster, Principal Viola), Angela Eddy (Symphony Co-Concertmaster, Principal Viola), Eva Tseitlin (Symphony Co-Principal Cello), Sebastian Rodriguez-Vasquez (Prep Co-Principal Cello), Joshua Cooper (Prep Co-Principal Cello), and Teague Shepard (Prep Associate Principal Cello).

Choral Masterworks

View this post on Instagram It is so wonderful to study and perform the great choral masterworks! Congratulations to many of our students who joined the CVYO Virtuosi and Chorus Caritas for the last Dialogues concert. Amazing to see you all at home in new and challenging ensembles. Check out the @fallofai Instagram feed for […]

Closing the 2018-2019 Performance Season

View this post on Instagram The 2018-2019 recital and performance season comes to an end. What a wonderful year it's been! . #Repost @alexandertseitlin ・・・ You'd think after all those wonderful Dialogues concerts, the student recitals would be an afterthought. The truth is that those recitals are where all the magic happens. Kids get their […]