Whether you’re a developing artist, new to music, or just exploring the idea of music in your life, we’re here to help! The study of music is a wonderful journey that enriches the life of everyone who pursues it.

All are welcome for an introductory lesson (always on the house) where you can get to know our program in person and we can get to know your goals in music. If you’d like to come in and check out the program, please fill out the “contact me” form in the sidebar.

You can check out these helpful presentations we’ve put together on music education, fill out the “contact me” form in the sidebar, or e-mail our office for information on scheduling an introductory lesson:

E-mail our office here…

We also recommend reading up on our program information here

Lessons for beginners start at 30-minutes weekly and range from $20 to $50 per lesson depending on the faculty member. Intermediate students usually take 45-minute weekly lessons from $45 to $75 per lesson, and advanced students studying concert repertoire take an hour per week or more depending on their goals.

All lessons are taught 1 on 1, and balance instrumental, musicianship, and history.