At Eleos Music, our goal is to bring world-class music education to everyone, whether pursuing music for the love of the craft, or as a professional path, from the youngest mind exploring the possibilities of what music has to offer, to the mature musician looking to refine their craft and find their voice as an artist.

Classical Young Artists Program

CYAP is our in-school music program, designed to start students on their path of music. CYAP is integrated into their academic schedule and provides the fundamentals needed to succeed in the beginner stages of music.

Most of our CYAP students go on to study keyboard or string instruments, and join orchestras or choral programs, and continue to enrich the musical and artistic culture in their school.

Conservatory Program

The Eleos Conservatory Program is designed for professionally-minded students focusing on building their portfolio and body of work. Students work towards and focus on repertoire development, entrepreneurial performances, composing, and recording.

Eleos Faculty

Eleos faculty are some of today’s most prominent performers, artists, and pedagogues. As teachers, they specialize not only in the craft of music, but in teaching young artists how to develop great practice habits and learn key skills such as leadership and time management. Our faculty nurture the development of their students’ creative strengths and guide them as they enter the musical community.

Performance Practice

Younger students participate in student recitals regularly, while experienced students perform more often in chamber music, orchestra, and solo recital settings. Many of our students also join our faculty in summer festivals across the US and Europe.

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Eleos Music was founded in 2008 by Alexander and Rebecca Tseitlin with three campuses in the Los Angeles area. Eleos students have made their way into youth and pre-professional orchestras throughout the Los Angeles areas, as well as music departments in the higher education world.

To learn more about our program or schedule an introductory lesson, please visit the “New Students” page here…