Learning to develop a stage presence is a crucial skill for young artist and is a skill that carries through to a number of careers and fields of study. We have two avenues for our students to hone their stage skills: our student recitals, and the Dialogues Concert Series. Check out more information on our performances below:

October 30th 2022 at 7:00 PM CYAS Concert (Royce Hall, UCLA)

December 4th 2022 at 4 PM Eleos Private Studio Student Recital

December 10th 2022 at 6 PM CVYO Winter Gala Concert

December 23rd 2022 to January 2nd 2023 Winter Break

February 5th 2023 at 7:00 PM CYAS Concert (Kavli Theater, Thousand Oaks)

May 7th 2023 at 4 PM Eleos Private Studio Student Recital

May 21th 2023 at 2 PM CVYO Virtuosi Flash Mob Concert (Oaks Mall)

June 4th 2023 at 3 PM CVYO Spring Gala Concert (Kavli Theater, Thousand Oaks)

June 5th 2023 to September 3rd 2023 Summer Schedule (Classes Tue-Thu)

*** Thanksgiving Week and Spring Break lessons are rescheduled to facilitate continuation of progress and varying school district vacation schedules.

Student Recitals

Our student recitals are semi-formal performances that give students an opportunity to perform their current works for family and friends. We maintain a friendly atmosphere where students can develop confidence on the stage, have an opportunity to hear their more mature colleagues, and inspire those who are less experienced. We hold our recitals twice during each academic year. The recitals are organized into hour-long performance blocks so that students can stay for a reasonable time and hear other students who play at a variety of levels and and instruments.

Dialogues Concerts

Dialogues Concerts are public events that blend classical and non-classical music, and are performed by both students and professional artists. Each Dialogues Concert incorporates story telling, original music, vocalists, and instrumentalists. Students who attend learn how great artists approach their craft and find inspiration for their work. Many Eleos students who are in the upper-intermediate to advanced courses participate as performers, but we consider it crucial for our younger students to attend and draw inspiration for their studies.

California Young Artists Symphony

CYAS is a pre-professional symphony with members from the Colburn Conservatory, Thornton USC School of Music, and the Herb Alpert School at UCLA among many others, and hosts Eleos Music members that have proven themselves among the most accomplished young artists of our region. CYAS members have already gone on to the London Philharmonic, LA Phil, and New World Symphony. CYAS concerts are critical to attend, as they are a flood of inspiration and wonder for our young aspiring musicians.